Aerial Lift Association President Buck McKeon Running for Congress

As all of you know, President Buck McKeon decided to run for congress which will change everything. What our nation once faced was horrific and now, he’s going to make things better. He is the President of my company which is Aerial Lift Association. We’ve been in business for 50 years ever since my grandparents started it. My grandma was the one doing the bookkeeping while grandpa took control of everything else. He was “the King of Aerial Lifts” which explains why many of you still believe in his company. He provided high quality at affordable prices on the products he sold which is cheaper than his competitors.

People in our town loved him and ever since two years ago, I took over the company and am pleased to say that I continue the tradition. There are two types of rentals that we provide the construction industry which is the aerial and boom lift.

The aerial lift rental and the boom lift rental makes perfect sense to provide the kind of products that only my grandparents are proud of if they see what I have. President Buck McKeon was impressed with what my grandparents had in store and things got better. Don’t get me wrong but Buck obviously knows his stuff on business. Construction companies are pleased with the products we have at the store with great customer service. Unfortunately, from what we’ve been told, our place is one of the top places that combine both which a lack of great customer service is how businesses suffer. Maybe it won’t happen as of now but it will hurt businesses in the long run.

When we meet people like you and stated your personal opinion about construction equipments, some of you provided positive and negative feedback. We are always open to feedbacks so we could either improve or fix what we lack. Whatever the problem was such as a defective product or bad customer service, we find a way to correct that. Since he would be running for congress, we are wishing him luck with the race against his opponent which is Josh Knight.